Giumarra's Carmen Pears Offer Unique Flavor and Convenient Size



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LOS ANGELES – Mar. 4, 2015 – Giumarra Wenatchee is in its second season of marketing Carmen pears and the variety continues to offer flavor and value to customers.

The pears are grown in Linares, Chile and were originally bred in Italy as a cross of Guyot and Bella di Giugno varieties. They are available in February and March and are sold in single-layer cartons.

“This is the second season we have offered the Carmen pear and have seen great success with customers who are looking to offer their consumers a fresh, new choice in the pear category,” says Jason Bushong, division manager of Giumarra Wenatchee. “Our size offering is varied and makes the Carmen perfect for snacking, or salad and appetizer recipes.”

Customers can expect high brix and an attractive red-orange blush on a green-yellow background from the Carmen pear. Its firm texture contains less water and offers a satisfying crunch.

“The Carmen’s eating quality is sweet with a hint of tang, and its medium size and distinctive firmer texture make it an ideal lunch box addition,” says Scott Ross, eastern region business manager for Giumarra. “We continually strive to work with our customers and industry partners on unique products and campaigns designed to increase fresh produce consumption among consumers and their children.”

The pears load on the both East and West coasts and are available until the end of March from Giumarra Wenatchee.

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Carmen Pears

Carmen Pears