Meet the Grape Varieties We’re Excited About This Season

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Quality & Flavor

Shoppers love grapes and today’s consumers are seeking quality and flavor from their grape purchases. Data shows that grapes are the third most popular fruit in the U.S. and more than half of U.S. consumers purchase grapes once per week or more.

In partnership with our growers from South America, we are offering a selection of both traditional and new proprietary varieties to excite consumers and encourage repeat purchases this winter season. Our focus is on excellent flavor and crisp texture for maximum snackability!

Grape Promotion & Merchandising Tips

  • Multiple grape variety promotions produce the greatest volume lift.

  • Front page ads can produce the highest volume impact (159%) for the grape category.

  • Offer samples to introduce shoppers to new specialty varieties.

  • Utilize bags and clamshells to keep your displays looking neat.

  • One-quarter of consumers do not pre-plan their grape purchases and only decide to purchase once at the store. Beautiful, well-stocked displays can entice these opportunity shoppers into buying more grapes!

Grape Nutrition Information

  • A 3/4 cup serving of grapes contains 90 calories with no fat, no cholesterol, and virtually no sodium.

  • Grapes are a good source of vitamin K.

  • Grapes of all colors contain polyphenols. Polyphenols are naturally-occurring micronutrients in plants that can help prevent cellular damage in the body.

Sources: The California Table Grape Commission, Fresh Trends



  • Type: Green seedless

  • Berry Size: Large to jumbo

  • Flavor: Sweet with a well-balanced eating experience

  • Berry Attachment: Excellent

  • Texture: Very crunchy

  • Description: A mid-season green seedless grape that offers a very sweet, crunchy, and luscious eating experience. Berries are large with a creamy green finish.



  • Type: Red seedless

  • Berry Size: Extra large to jumbo

  • Flavor: Sweet apple flavor, high sugar

  • Berry Attachment: Excellent

  • Texture: Meaty

  • Description: An early red seedless variety with exceptional eating quality. It has very large, crisp berries and an excellent cherry color. This variety ripens at the same time as Flame.