Squeeze the Day With California Citrus

This winter, we are offering an abundance of California-grown citrus to brighten up your seasonal displays.
To order California-grown citrus, contact our sales team: 559-897-6433.
Download our citrus sales sheet here.


Consumers will no doubt be focused on health and wellness at the beginning of this year. Citrus fruits offer powerful health benefits in convenient, fun-to-eat packages. Some benefits of popular citrus fruits include:

  • Excellent source of vitamin C.

  • Excellent source of fiber.

  • Good source of copper.

  • Good source of folate.

  • Comprised of about 90% water (perfect for hydrating).


Spotlight On: Meyer Lemons

Meyer lemons are believed to be a cross between a traditional lemon and a mandarin. They have smooth, yellow-orange skin. Meyer lemons offer the best of both worlds and add a bright, tangy-sweet flavor to any dish where you’d use a regular lemon.

Simple, tasty usage ideas for Meyer lemons:

  • Meyer lemons + cream cheese + rye bread

  • Meyer lemons + mascarpone + basil risotto

  • Meyer lemons + fresh mint + chilled water

  • Meyer lemons + green olives + chicken stew



Delicious, nutritious, and beautiful: citrus is perfect for the Instagram generation because of its colorful, photogenic nature.

A creative hashtag might be the key to spurring excitement around citrus this season!